Mexico Advances CONCACAF Gold Cup Semifinals Controversial Penalty Kick Against Costa Rica

Mexico won 1-0 in the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 quarterfinals with a controversial foul that granted Andres Guardado’s penalty kick in the final minute of extra time. Roy Miller was marked an extremely questionable foul with the game seconds from heading to penalty kicks. Costa Rica was eliminated Sunday night as Mexico win will advance the national team to the CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals against Panama.

Both teams were on the mission to pass onto the next round. The national Mexican team wearing the black soccer kit had plenty of missed opportunities in the Monday night game at the New Jersey MetLife Stadium, and the Costa Rican national team had clear opportunities to win the game, especially a shot from inside the box blocked by the Mexican goalkeeper Ochoa.

Paulo Cesar Wanchop, Costa Rica coach, was the first coach to close to celebrating a goal after Campbell J. #12  first to shoot at minute 9′ and 12′, however Guillermo Ochoal blocked both shots.

Mexico responded immediately at minute 18′ with a long distance shot by Paul Aguilar that was rejected well by tico Esteban Alvarado.

30 minutes into the game both national teams battled for the ball at the center of the field both awaiting an error to take advantage of.

At minute 37′ Andres Guardado had a long distance shot with potential and one of the most predominate plays of the first half by el tricolor.

The shot by the team player of Holland’s PSV Eindhoven caused the central American team to react five minutes before the end of the first half. The last dangerous play of the first half was by Oribe Peralta as he took on a defense in the box, but the intent went above the top post.

The second half was dominated by the Mexican national team after three substitutions by Miguel Herrera. Time after time the Costa Rican defense and goalkeeper were pressured; however, a goal in the second half that would have given a clear pass onto semifinals was not granted.

Errors come with consequences in soccer and the Aztec offense errors had consequences when the Costa Rica had their counterattacks. Pura vida.

The first half of extra time was dominated by La Sele but without a goal. The lack of a defining goal from either side seemed as if the match was going to penalties.

The second half had a clear opportunity at minute 109 after a play by Peralta  was almost culminated into an own goal by the defense Giancarlo Gonzalez, but it ended up as a corner kick.

Immediately, Costa Rica reacted with an opportunity by Joel Campbell who shot, but the opportunity was negated by a magnificent reaction by Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoa.

Time went by and just when everyone was waiting for the final seconds to tick for the eliminatory quarterfinal match to be determined by a penalty shoot out the Guatemalan referee Walter Lopez whistled a controversial penalty at the last minute of the game 122′.

The captain Andres Guardado was in charged of taking the penalty at minute 124′, which he executed well with a powerful and accurate shot to the right of the tico goalkeeper. The final whistle was shortly and with the 1-0 score La Seleccion will be going onto the semifinals of the CONCACAF Copa Oro 2015. The semifinal match against Panama will take place on July 22 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The USA national team will confront the Jamaican team for the other semifinal match.

The coach of La Seleccion Nacional de Mexico comments after the game,

“El equipo no para de luchar, fisicamente esta muy bien, estan muy fuerte y eso hoy fue la diferencia. La seleccion obliga ganar sabemos que este torneo es obligación ganarlo tenemos una herencia que determina eso” 

“The team doesn’t stop fighting, physically they are very well, they are very strong and that was the difference today. The national team demands a win we know this tournament is a must win we have a heritage that determines that”

Luis Guillermo Solis, the president of Costa Rica, tweeted,

“It was not a penalty. To lose in such manner is not allowed. Mexico did not win the match, it was given to them wrapped in cellophane. What an embarrassment!”