Brazil 1 defeats Chile 0 in Friendly Match at Emirates Stadium

The teams last met at the host of the World Cup Brazil after a shootout that Brazil survived in the quarter-finals. Recalling the missed penalty of Alexis Sanchez who commentated, “I look forward playing against my good friend Neymar. and to be playing against our great rivals Brazil, in front of the incredible Arsenal fans. Playing at the Emirates Stadium makes the match even more special.”


The sold out event witnessed Brazil score in the second half at minute. Firminio is the hero for Brazil and scores a GOOOAAAL for Brazil at minute 70′ with a brilliant pass by Danilo.

Alexis Sanchez, former Barcelona striker, was dissapointed to have lost to Neymar’s national team Brazil, a current Barcelona striker, in the friendly match.

Chile was desperately looking for the win. Brazil adds the 48th win to the Brazil vs Chile history games. The teams have tied 13 times and Chile has won 7.